HTC Incredible 2 Prototype Found in San Francisco Bar

One of San Francisco bars gave us a chance to get acquainted with the new prototype model from HTC. The model looks similar to the HTC Droid Incredible 2. It comes with a metal casing , a front-facing camera and a super large speaker located above the display of the smartphone prototype. Interestingly, the back cover of the device is close to being transparent and allows having a look at the inner baggage of the model.

Most likely this model will not turn into an actual device, as I doubt it will turn into a model (because of its outdated design).

When the bar staff decided to turn the model on, the screen displayed “No System Software,” which means the owner of the model remotely wiped the model after he learned about the loss.

The main differences between this model and the original Droid Incredible 2 are the semi-transparency of the back panel and the volume rocker. The handset also comes with a non-removable battery. There are no logos on the model.

The only speculation is it’s the raw version of the upcoming Droid Incredible 3, which cannot be checked at the moment.


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