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HTC Ignite and HTC Prime Coming Soon

Two Windows Phone 7 devices manufactured by HTC — the HTC Ignite and the HTC Prime — were announced back in March, but after that we didn’t hear any news or leaks about them. We weren’t even sure they existed.

And finally we are getting some conformation from one of the European phone retailers — a Dutch mobile phone retailer The Phone House (which is just another subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse). The Coming Soon page of the retailer is now including both of the devices, though there are no clues about the release date and the prices of the smartphones.

But I bet very soon we will get some info at least about the pricing of the devices. If the devices are updated to WP Mango before release, the price of the handsets will most likely get slightly higher.

As for the specs and features, the HTC Prime is going to sport a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 512 MB of RAM, a 5MP camera with LED Flash.

For the HTC Ignite we are going to get the same 3.7-inch display, but this time it will be WVGA (resolution of 800 × 480) and a 800MHz processor. The RAM dimensions and the camera are the same as in case of the HTC Prime.


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