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HTC Hero Maintenance Update

The owners of the Sprint Hero are lucky enough to get a software update . Unluckily it’s not Gingerbread as it was expected earlier. Anyways still cool as the device has been rolling out for a super long time for now. Unlike in case of Nexus One which received an OTA update, this is simply an maintenance update. There’s even a rumor that one of the features of the update is designed not for the customers but for the carrier itself.

It helps to diagnose the device. If you are still not used to getting the update (this time coded as 2.32.651.2) just follow the steps: Settings> About> Phone> System Updates> HTC Software Update> Check now. Enjoy!

  • Orimoloye2001

    hi,rnmy htc phone fell and ever since will not turn on except plugged to eletric current,rnwhat is wrong?rncharles.

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