HTC Hero + Android 2.2? [Video]

So many rumors around telling us lists of phones to be upgraded to Froyo, however as reported, only two of us – the HTC Desire and HTC Incredible now ready for updates. The full list of devices is a little wider, but it is unlikely to include HTC Hero. In that case is the video clip showing the device running the new operating system a fake one…?

Android 2.2 will be officially released only after a couple of weeks. This means that the video had been shot by one of the designers who has access to operating system long before the release, or by a “joker”, who has counterfeit the information about the device.

In any case, sooner or later HTC Hero will also get “Froyo” either with official update, or customized firmware 🙂 .

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  1. I firmly believe it would be a coup for HTC to update the Hero to 2.2, the Hero users have been [in the most part] very patient and an update to Froyo would be well appreciated and go a L O N G way to demonstrating HTC's commitment to their customer base. An update to Froyo would certainly placate me. 🙂

  2. Done with hero and HTC's poor customer service. Never buying an HTC phone again and will never recommend one for anyone I know. In fact, I'm going to recommend just the opposite. HTC = BIG FAIL. Take a cue from other companies and stop jerking your customer base round.

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