HTC HD7 Getting Firmware and Radio Updates from T-Mobile

T-Mobile decided to surprise its customers coming up with a list of unexpected updates. The first phone to get the update was the Dell Venue Pro, then it was followed by the HTC HD7. The update is going to be available not only for T-Mobile USA customers, but also for the international versions of the HTC HD7.

The update deals with both firmware and radio software of the handset. It shifts the firmware version from 2250.09.12001.531 to 2250.21.30102.531, while the radio version goes from to Some of the analysts claim that these are the necessary updates that will help to get Mango later. The bad news is that we don’t know exactly what changes the update brings, so there’s no clue whether the updates are minor or not.

T-Mobile claims that the customers will get the typical note “There’s an update available” and can follow the required 10 steps afterwards. If some of you didn’t receive the message, there’s no need to worry. You can simply connect your device to Zune Desktop and check for updates in the Settings menu.

The approximated timing for the update is 36 minutes!


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  1. Got mine yesterday. This update takes much longer to run on the phone which made me to think it is a firmware update (which is now confirmed). But still I couldn’t find any details about the update…..nnFirst impression, phone is more responsive and smoother scrolling.

    • the earlier NODO is 1.36 GBnafter updating and backing up i checked again its 3GBnnso i think a substantial amount of stuff is added

  2. I think the connectivity of my device started to work better than earlier and also it took me more than 36 minutes to get the update hooked.

  3. I noticed right away, that the phone seems to be running smoother, and the scrolling isn’t as “choppy” anymore. Very smooth after this firmware update… hmmm.

  4. I got the notice this morning and updated. u00a0I think it added some links to my favorites and it seemed a bit more responsive. u00a0I usually get around 2mbps on the download test in my area and it’s been steady at 4.5mbps today, even with the tropical storm in the gulf. u00a0Perhaps that’s notu00a0relevant to the update, but it’s new for me. u00a0

  5. I got mine this morning and itu00a0took pretty close to 36 minutes to update. I noticed my firmware revision number is 2250.21.30102.707, not .531 as shown in this article. My GPS seems to acquire more quickly than was previously the case.

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