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HTC HD7 Facing Antenna Issues?

The sensational problem with signal loss of iPhone 4 cost Apple around 10-20% of sales in the 3rd quarter. Attempt to absolve themselves of all the charges failed – in the video HTC Droid Eris weakened signal, but many comments were saying that there is no problem with other devices. After the start of sales the test results for HTC HD7 were added to the list.

In case if hold HTC HD7 a little bit stronger than usual – and the power indicator shows signal strength in only one division. However, it is in the best case. As for the one of the owners of the smartphone the network was lost completely, but he found a way how to fix it:

“I stumbled across a possible fix for the reception issue. I’m not saying it will work for everyone but it worked for me.Worth a try if you have the same problem. All i did was change the sim to a different network, do a hard reset of the phone with the other sim in, reboot then put my normal sim back in. Now the lowest my reception goes to is 2 bars which is quite good round here as the reception generally isn’t great“.

The reason probably lies in the arrangement of the antenna at the bottom of the device, which usually has a palm, and is unlikely to manifest itself in everyday use as it requires a strong grasp.


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