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HTC HD 2 Progresses With Development

HTC is mainly in news for its HTC One device however there is news for another handset that though being quite old is still being worked on. This phone in question is the HTC HD2 and a developer of the XDA Forum Feheneo has announced that these devices now support the upcoming mobile OS the  FireFox OS by Mozilla. This phone is the subject of development and this is why it is in the news again after disappearing in the market.


We have not heard about the advancements made to the HTC HD2 for a very long time and it is assumed to be done in the consumer forum. There is however some great news for lovers of this unique mobile- it is still active on the development scene. In a major decision it has been announced by ZDA Developers Forum that the Mozilla is all set to come up with a mobile operating system called FireFox currently running on the HD platform of the popular device HD2. There is a forum post where some simple tips and tricks have been taught. The files along with the steps for installation have been elaborately described in the post.

Now when it comes to use you will find that HTC has not yet completed the porting of the device. There are other salient features of this phone that are still not working. Among the things that are not working are the mobile networking, the volume, mass storage and the camera. If the sound works you will find that you cannot hear it as the volume is too low. This is an issue that is being worked on.Currently using the camera is also not a very wise and smart choice. There are other issues where the device refuses identifying the SIM Card. This is strange as the phone has both STK Apps and keymaps.

The above is testament to the fact that smartphone manufacturers are able to determine that a device released way back in 2009 can still be a subject or objection of development and further renovation.  This handset was running on the Windows RT software that is a unique OS keeping in mind their age and ability to embrace the new software. We just need to wait and watch. These new developments are sure going to make a huge difference to the device which who knows may return to the market again soon!

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