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HTC Google Nexus 3 Prototype

Google’s Nexus line smartphones were always packed with the best features that made them so popular, and the HTC Google Nexus One and Samsung Google Nexus S are bright examples. Now the third generation Nexus is in works. The main question now is which manufacturer will come up with it — HTC or LG.

Recently TechHog published a new mysterious picture introducing the Nexus 3. The phone looks quite attractive without any gluts, and you won’t see the standard Android buttons on it, because the Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t need them. As the Nexus line devices sport super specs, we can be sure the third one will be equipped with such features, too, but the aforementioned source only notes the front-facing camera next to the left speaker. According to the source, the Google Nexus 3 will support for both HSPA+ and Sprint CDMA.

Moreover, this smartphone’s design is not confirmed yet, so if you dislike it, there is no reason to despair as in the future some details can be changed. We can’t say for sure HTC will be the next manufacturer launching the Google Nexus 3, because LG has its own version of this smartphone, and it is currently being tested.

The HTC Google Nexus One was more popular than the Samsung Nexus S, so maybe the software giant will give preference to the Taiwanese company, or maybe it will choose LG as a new “face” in this deal.

  • Armoredbeastofchaos

    HTC rulesssss.but of course,some more internal memory will be greatly appreciated!!!

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