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HTC has been one of those companies whose priority seemed to be the quality of the product, technological advances and innovation. At the moment it looks like only innovation is left in HTC’s future plans.

In their latest advertisement HTC goes for the meanest and the cruelest of all commercial methods — it enters your personal life. There is almost no mention about the techno peculiarities or even the new design, everything lies in the idea and inspiration. “Everything is inspired by you?” To me this is a very powerful statement, which might work quite well. The clip is stressing emotions and human relations as if telling you to buy it because it’s so cute. Moreover, HTC is telling that you are their inspiration, that your every move can become a source for something genius. How can you ignore HTC after that?

Some say HTC is copying this method from Apple, only considering the popularity of Apple just because of its methodology, HTC is on the right track. Although it’s difficult to modify the company’s image, the Taiwanese manufacturer has planned not a single clip but a whole emotional campaign, so it’s definitely worth a try.


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