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The HTC Flyer is an awesome tablet coming with a list of interesting features and software.

The tablet comes with the Android Gingerbread 2.3.4, which is promised to be updated to Android Honeycomb. Still we hope the update will be made to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is already announced. To make the current OS version more compatible with the tablet HTC decided to use HTC Sense 1.0 for Tablets. The UI works pretty smooth, causing only a few bugs once in a while. The update will most likely help solve the problem.

HTC decided to enhance the handset with a super large list of applications. The manufacturer listed its book and video content apps into Reader and Watch. The rest of the interesting apps are the Press Reader, Snapbooth, Dock Mode and Car Panel, let’s say a little of everything in one tablet.

The multitasking of the tablet allows to use split statusbar/quick settings, so you are not required to get back and dig into the system menus of the device.

The 32 GB version of the HTC Flyer is now available from T-Mobile and you can purchase it from B2B with a two-year contract with the carrier paying only $399.


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