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HTC Flyer available via Best Buy for $299.99

Currently HTC has its own device in every niche of the tech market. It helped the company become one of the most influential manufacturers in the world. Moreover, Google’s Android platform mainly conduced to the company’s success, and looking more carefully you’ll see that all the flagships run Android. HTC’s first tablet is not an exception, though when it was launched the Flyer ran Android Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb. Anyway, the Flyer was popular even until its launch. Back then it got 1 million orders. Most likely this prompted the company to set a high price tag. I remember there were talks claiming the Flyer would be sold for €600, fortunately its price was dropped to $499.99. Now Best Buy cuts the HTC Flyer’s price to $299.99, but you have to buy the HTC Scribe separately paying $79.99.

On the whole, the HTC Flyer is a high-competitive tablet, which grabbed a big piece of pie from Apple’s iPad, and when it was updated to Honeycomb, this device became a beast. And though everyone thought there wouldn’t be discounts, Best Buy shuffled all the cards and now no one can avoid this offer. This is an offer you just can’t refuse or ignore. Agree that’s pretty nice to get a WiFi-enabled tablet with a 7-inch screen and 16GB internal storage for $299.99.


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