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HTC Faces Short Supply Of The HTC One Mini

HTC is now facing a scarcity of its HTC One Mini smartphone and this is a predicament that will perhaps hamper the results of the company in this quarter. The HTC One Mini is currently facing some supply issues. The reasons behind these problems are because of a shortage in cases. This has caused many difficulties in its design and this has led to the demands of the phone not being met. There are company analysts that have stated that the Company is now shipping about 200,000 units every month.


The Company HTC is currently going to face its first loss in this quarter as its sales have weakened to a large extent. HTC has in the recent months has not been facing profits and it is struggling in a large way to get a large chunk of the smartphone market.

Right now Samsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone market and HTC has tried to make its inroads however has failed to do so. The device had been delayed early in the year primarily because of some technical problems and issues. This delay had contributed to a very large drop in profits for the first quarter of the Company. When asked about the above a spokesperson of HTC stated that it does not comment on speculation or rumors. We are still waiting for the company to comment on the above developments.


In another move by the Company the rollout for the HTC One update has began.  This Android Jelly Bean 4.3 update has started in Taiwan and in just a few weeks the company has rolled out the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update to its flagship smartphone just ahead of Google who is scheduled to debut with a brand new update for its Android devices- The Android 4.4 KitKat.

The above has pointed out to a HTC One Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update in the future and today. The update has began and will be available to users in Taiwan that is the home base of the Company. In fact this is the way HTC Android updates begin. This update will be given to users here first before it rolls out to other users across the globe.

There are carrier branded devices that are a little behind the devices that are unbranded and this means that the roll out to users could be given to them in a matter of some days, weeks or months!

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