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HTC EVO Shift 4G for $69.99 from Radio Shack

HTC EVO Shift 4G is a gadget that is being delivered by Sprint carrier. After the announcement of the Sprint’s $149.99 price tag with the chance of the two-year typical contract everyone was quite happy until Amazon made its own and unique price offer of  $89.99. To make the things even more appealing later on Amazon made just “another price cut”- getting the price of the smartphone back up to $99.99, which is still a cool price option.

Well, if you missed the chance of getting this QWERTY-keyboard based device while it had the cheapest price, then you might get even luckier. The thing is that another popular store- Radio Shack is offering Sprint version of HTC Desire Z for only $69.99. This price is so cheap, that you better do your best to get involved.

The only disadvantage of the offer is that it’s available only for those customers, who are Sprint-customers-to-be, while for those who wish to update their current status of being Sprint customer  the offer will not be accessible. Another pleasing idea is that the new customers will also get a free shipping. The price of the gadget is attached to the two-year contract with Sprint carrier, which is a typical case for the U.S. customers.

In case if you still have a chance to get the device from Radio Shack with an upgrade version of your Sprint “membership”, then you will need to pay the price of $149.99 (Sprint price) and in addition you will need to get the payment of the shipping- some $8.99.

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