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HTC EVO 4G Review

HTC EVO 4G ended the long reign of HD2 as the most hardware advanced smartphone in the market by HTC. While the time is changing need to innovate something more powerful with a list of most desired features comes, HTC was being pushed  to design a smartphone of new generation- having exclusive list of specs including 4G connectivity, the latest version of Android OS, front camera and much more. And yes! Now we have this exact device- HTC EVO 4G. Let’s say that the device truly deserves the earlier mentioned name HTC Supersonic.

HTC EVO 4G specifications:

• Network: CDMA 1xEV-DO Rev A (3G), WiMAX (4G)
• Platform: Google Android 2.1, HTC Sense UI
• Display: touch-capacitive, 4,3 “, 800 x 480 pixels, TFT
• Camera: 8 megapixel, autofocus, flash, HD-video (720p)
• Front camera: 1,3 Mp
• RAM: 512 MB
• Size of ROM: 1024 MB
• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1 GHz
• Expansion slot: microSDHC (up to 32 GB)
• Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
• Wi-Fi
• FM-radio
• microUSB 2.0
• 3,5-mm jack
• HDMI-out


While we go deeper into hardware, we should consider the fact that the hardware of EVO 4G is a great mixture of Nexus One, Droid Incredible, HD2 and HTC Desire. The smartphone is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 processor (CDMA-edition QSD8250, established in HD2 and Nexus One) with 1 GHz frequency (with the possibility to get overclocked to 1.267 GHz) . The OS is Android 2.1, while Sprint carrier promises to update it up to 2.2 Froyo version by the end of the year, to run all this hardware with full capacity. 512MB of RAM and plus 1 GB of ROM is there to have smooth running of applications. And this is not all of it. The device comes in a box with an 8 GB Micro-SD card, although if desired it can be expanded up to 32GB!

The connectivity of HTC EVO 4G leaves no space to apply any kind of criticism. Feels like the list of them goes up endless- Wi-Fi, WiMax, CDMA, Bluetooth, GPS… And as a cover there come the digital compass and the FM-radio ans surely the update to get wireless N support.


The device itself looks rather huge, while the display of the device is only 4,3 inch. TFT, which means that the shortage on the AMOLED touchscreens will not influence this device and thus there’s no need to get worried about the future of the device.

The only disadvantage part of the phone that in comparison with HTC HD2, which was packing its huge screen in a rather light-weight box, while in case of the HTC EVO 4G the weight goes up to 170grams with the huge dimensions of 122 X 66 X 12.7mm. This is the main reason that the analysts call the device “mostly-man”. The main argumentation is that none of the female segment representatives would hold out such a huge gadget.


Big, thick and heavy! Those aren’t the words to best describe HTC EVO 4G in short.

While being devoted to the classical rectangular shape typical for HTC, the device fully integrates round-edges and the metallic elements making the “gigantic” device to look even more massive. This is a great solution to make an emphasize on the huge display, which stretches almost from one edge to another. And the small free space is devoted to the touch-buttons. Some say that these touch buttons (Home, Menu, Back and Search) on the front panel seem to be difficult to get used to but you might try it out for yourself.

Another good point is made upon the color scheme of the device. While at the first glance the gadget proves to be entirely black, then you discover the red accents decorating the camera lens and the classical silver for the speakers.

The main feature of the design that has both advantages and disadvantages is the kickstand. The thing is that it serves perfectly for the landscape mode while watching videos, but as we all know the less are the moveable elements, the more reliable is the device itself.


This is one of the main features that makes the device unique in the list of the smartphones offered by HTC. The thing is that EVO 4G is not only equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, but also a 1.3 megapixel front camera. The front camera is a great feature to use while making video calls and trying to get some kind of self-images.

While the main camera has a goal to create high quality images not only during the daytime, it also functions perfectly at the most inconvenient lighting condition. As a plus you also receive a chance to capture HD video at 720p.

The double camera idea seems to be something new in HTC portfolio which makes the new device even more unique.

Battery Life

This is the part where the most of the expectations are being overleft from the desired ones. The “typical” 1500mAh battery is not enough powerful to go on with the most of the functions of the device. And it’s interesting itself.

How come the 1300mAh battery is perfect for HTC HD2 and 1500mAh is too poor for HTC EVO 4G? The thing is that the work with 4G takes lots of powerful leaving the device without the needed energy.

Here comes up the necessity of the second HTC EVO 4G battery for those who want to get some additional energy to stay tuned for the entire day or try to use some battery life increase tips.


Due to the fact that HTC got a chance to integrate its brand HTC Sense UI with the Android OS ideally, the newest establishment of the company is also based on this same UI. The version used on the smartphone is identical with the ones used for HTC Desire and Legend. The main difference here is that the capacity of the touchscreen of HTC EVO 4G gives an additional drama to the overall performance. The animated wallpapers, widgets and the actual homescreens (there are seven of those) look excellent.

Those who do not agree with the list of “limited” number of apps for the device can always use the list of new apps added by the Sprint for Sprint TV. And to stay tuned with the latest world sport events, you will also receive a number of special add-ons.

Android Apps

The essential applications designed for Android are all present here: YouTube, Goggles,Voice, Qik, PicDay and YouTube. But while these are rather typical apps you might want to try getting additional application with the help of which your device will become more manageable and attractive. Let’ s get through some of them:


This application is exclusively available for the HTC users. The main purpose of it to make IM and VoIP access available for the users without the need of paying extra money. As you make the progress through the application you might get a chance to use the video-chatting!

Adobe Reader

This feature allows the users to view, read and do some of the other basic actions with the documents in PDF and other formats. Especially useful for those who are looking forward to use the device for the business purposes.


This application makes the homescreen usage simpler transforming it into something more adjustable and customizable. This app is being updated simultaneously. The latest of the updates makes it possible to use the application to customize multi-touch, add new shortcuts and much more.

The Weather Channel

Finally! More improved tracking, customized tabs and homescreen widgets! And all of this makes the opportunity to access your device even easier and softer.

Performance test

As it’s clear from the name of the device, the main advantage of the device is the possibility to work in forth-generation networks. This makes the overall performance of the device much faster and reliable. Earlier there was a list of bugs for the device applications which were simply solved together with the update of the device right after the actual release.

And this is not all of it. Soon the device will be receiving Android Froyo, which will increase the performance and the convenience of the device with a significant rate. This should be the best way to make some improvements for the 4G as the present rate does not feel to be satisfying some of the critics. Anyways, the release date of the update is not announced yet.


HTC EVO 4G is getting distributed via Sprint carrier in the U.S. When signing a two-year contract you can get the device for only $199.99. There’s another option of $99.99 for those planning to get unlimited data+voice+SMS. To make your device performance the best you might need to pay a fee of $10 per month to get most out of the device applications and functionality.


This new device seems to become the first realistic step of HTC to compete with Apple. The device itself got released earlier than the iPhone 4 which made the carrier to run short on the device not once but already twice. Then the 4G connectivity and the overall quick performance make this device something irreplaceable. At least so far none of the HTC and other brand device got a chance to turn out to be that impressive. Let’s give this device the highest mark for now!

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  • Tsecreto

    Great coverage and I agree since I own one from 6/4/10 and it still blows me away (not bored yet).

  • Ranbirdv630

    i want to buy htc evo 4g in mumbai my no:+918898454640

  • Army_man17jan03

    i've had the htc evo for about a month now adn i would have to say after using it and everything it does i love it. ive played with the iphones, but after the evo i would never own one at all evo actually has character to it

  • Mabdulalim1980

    will i be able to use it abroad? i live in the middle east , saudi arabia to be exact . and im wondering if i purchase the device, will i be able to enjoy here in the kingdom?

  • Abdulalim1980

    and when will it be available here in the kingdom?

  • Tushiq

    yes I am from India and I am using it.just remember this phone is cdma so no gsm networks.

  • Issaadan

    it is very good product I will add that I like it very much, my problem is I don't know sometime whether it is true or false because many people had are in the IT world which has not no trust in it.

    however what I see is very good.

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  • Demetrios_adrian

    hello. I wanna ask you why this model is not available in europe,in roumania with gsm? i want so much this kind of model. htc deisre HD for europe has not kickstand, hdmi port and fryo.I wait your answer.

  • army22

    is there any chance this phone will come to canada??

  • Virgo

    where can i have htc evo4g

  • jace aaron


  • Jessicawilliams1978

    I got the HTC evo 4g for Christmas and I don’t know how I lived without it. This phone is amazing I never do anything without it. It’s like having your pc in your pocket. I would recommend to anyone and everyone

  • Jesus Lopez

    The Evo is definitely the best phone on the market right now; with the large screen, 8meg camera, and 4G speeds this phone easily tops the iPhone. This phone is very great for watching TV with my Sling adapter from DISH Network. I actually work at DISH and the Sling adapter allows me to watch live or recorded TV on my phone. The best part is that I can use it wherever I get WiFi or 3G coverage, and you can imagine how much better the experience is with Sprint’s 4G network. Paired with the Sling adapter, the Evo is the perfect device, itu2019s the only one I always have with me.

  • Oluwafolasade

    please, if one want to buy the phone HTC EVO 4G and 3D of the same type in Nigeria where can l get them. any l believe they canbe used for cdma phones.
    please, reply to email address: or call 08032833294.

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