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HTC Evo 3D is Available for Pre-order at $699.99

Nowadays the smartphone market is full of devices that provide almost the same features such as wide screens, high-speed processors and multifunctional mobile operating systems. But from time to time the manufacturers offer handsets that are equipped with other kinds of features. One of such smartphones is the HTC EVO 3D that will be released via Sprint (though I think T-Mobile and Verizon are more appropriate operators for this handset, since they provide a larger network).

Unlike other smartphones, this one allows the users not only to view 3D content but also to use the camera for taking 3D images and videos. Still we don’t know when exactly the phone will be launched and how much it will cost, but looking at its features we can assume it won’t be one of the most expensive gadgets.

Sprint hasn’t made any official announcement yet, but an online retailer by the name of MobileCityOnline put the GSM version of the Evo 3D for pre-order. It is available for $699.99, but they don’t mention any launch date. It is a bit suspicious, as we haven’t heard about this retailer earlier.

It seems to be a bit risky to pre-order one of the most ambitious smartphones of the company now, but if they keep their promise and the smartphone is shipped once it is launched, you’ll be the first who will get it in your hands. If you decide to pre-order the HTC Evo 3D from this retailer, please inform us when you receive it.


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