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HTC Droid DNA Source Code Available for Download

Since the day we learned the 5-inch phablet of HTC would be called the Droid DNA, we can’t calm down, neither can the developers. Though developers would like to get their hands on the phone earlier than other people in order to root it and make some useful custom ROMs, Verizon announced it only on November 13 at a special event. The phone was launched a week later, on November 21, but developers were left with no chance to play with its software, as the device came with locked bootloader. Happily, the Droid DNA’s source code is already available, and those who want to make custom ROMs or play with software for their pleasure can download it from HTCDev site.

The Droid DNA is a top-end smartphone with many standard and non-standard features. The latter especially refers to the notification LED flash on the back of the phone, the unlocked GSM radios and the 2020mAh battery that has shown respectable results. But there are always people who are not satisfied with what the manufacturers launch and want to create something better. In this sense, the Droid DNA’s source code is what they need as the rest of the phone seems ideal.

The code is based on Android 4.1, which means developers can come up with many useful ideas and custom ROMs that will be useful for others.

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