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HTC Devices Getting Official Security Updates

The last month’s been full of various security bugs for several Android devices from HTC. The case is that some of the apps were getting access to the personal data without any authorization. The manufacturer got aware of the situation and promised a list of updates to solve the issue. Some of  the devices have already got their portions of the update, but still most of the updates are on their way to get to the handsets.

A number of EVO lineup devices (HTC EVO 4G, HTC Design 4G, HTC EVO Shift 4G, HTC EVO 3D, EVO View 4G) just got their updates of 10 MB. The updates deal mainly with the vulnerability issue and do not bring any enhancements to the handsets.

In contrast to EVO devices, the HTC Thunderbolt will get more secure within a major update to Android Gingerbread. Verizon just updated its support docs mentioning that the update is now ready and will be rolled out shortly.

All the security updates are expected to be rolled out by the end of this month, so you will not have to use an affected device starting November.


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