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HTC Desire Support for DivX Confirmed

HTC Desire (codenamed Bravo) has not yet reached the shops, but has already become an object of desire for many users around the world. It was confirmed out that the developers are planning to equip the flagship with video playback in DivX format. However, the owners of the smartphone Desire will be have to do additional updates after the official release of the device.

It was expected that with the capability to play DivX HTC will also officially confirm the ability of the device to decode high-definition video with a resolution of 720p, but this did not happen, though many people have already managed to inform about it, as a fact.

However, there is no smoke without a  fire, and we are looking forward to decoding high-definition video in, if not in HTC Desire, then in other Android-devices of HTC.

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