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HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z Accessories Available

Often the original accessories appear later than the smartphones themselves, but with HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z situation is not repeated – because of the delays they appeared a little earlier than the devices themselves!

For their future HTC Desire HD you can already buy a set of films to the screen, which protects a 4.3-inch device from scratches for £ 7.00. While the housing of the device will protect the original case against blows . It’s designed specifically for HTC Desire HD and equipped with a latch for easy retrieval. It will cost £ 10.00.

For Desire Z the range of HTC Accessories is a little wider: the original cover, a set of films to screen at the same price and original battery for £ 16.00. The only confusing part of the last accessory is the volume of it. The official website of HTC says 1300mAh, while there some options of it to be 1200mAh or 1400mAh.

And for both devices you can purchase HTC TC P350 – a universal charger that can discharge its functions anywhere in the world thanks to the support of different voltages (100-240V) and plug-ins to UK, EU, Australia, USA and China. The cost of it is £ 25.00.

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