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Official accessories for the new products have appeared previously on sale for a few months later than the devices themselves. With HTC Desire HD the opposite happened: the huge number of applicants and the uncertainty of the time frame forced many stores to suspend pre-orders for the new flagship, but this hype around the accessories was not even observed, while now they can already be ordered.

Silicone Case seems to be very interesting accessory for the owners. It will protect your device from the appearance of scuffs and scratches, while in the case of the device fall it will reduce damage to a minimum. Case is “original”, designed specifically for HTC Desire HD, so all controls and technological holes are in their spots. The online shop offers Clove accessory for £ 6.00. Good enough of a price.

The second addition to HTC Desire HD is the cradle, a desktop docking station for syncing and charging device (product code HTC-SCDHD-C42). Connecting to a PC is being done while using USB, connection status and charging are being announced by the LED. Incidentally, the use of cradle will protect your HTC Desire HD: hooking your device and pushing it (scratching on the way) on the floor will be much harder.

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