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HTC Desire: GPS-module Errors

HTC has confirmed that software errors in the new smartphone Desire influenced the functionality of the built-in GPS-module. The problem was noticed by many subscribers of Telstra operator, which sells the smartphone in Australia. As it is reported in the official statement of HTC and Telstra, there is a problem due  to the incorrect installation of software, which leads to failures.

According to Whirlpool internet forum this bug can bring to either complete failure of GPS, or temporary signal loss, which can lead to incorrect positioning of the data.

At present HTC and Telstra try to resolve the problems. In the nearest future a special app will be released for testing the GPS in Desire, followed by the release of updates intended to correct any errors. According to the developers, the problem is purely of software, and after installing the appropriate updates the smartphone will be fully functional.

  • Anton

    I have the same problems in Denmark on the 3 network.

  • creep

    I am on Vodafone’s network and using Desire HD. I am experiencing problems with GPS. The handset is unable to lock to GPS. I have tried multiple times and used all of the methods to troubleshoot the problem posted on whirlpool.nnHTC should fix this problem soom

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