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HTC Desire 500 Announced In Taiwan

When it comes to HTC you will find that all eyes are on the HTC One Mini and the forthcoming HTC Maxx that is already rumored to be in news in the market. There is another phone that has been recently announced in Taiwan and this device is the HTC Desire 500. This is a handset that features middle range specifications along with a design that has been inspired by the One Series of last year. The price tag of the Desire 500 however does not come cheap.

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After the release of the Desire 200 and the Desire 600 the HTC also has released the entry level 4.3 inch model that has been powered by the Snapdragon 200 processor and its operating Sense 5 like its flashy kin. The HTC Desire smartphone is one that has a quad core processor along with 4GB of internal storage and 1GB RAM. The micro SD card slot has helps in the alleviation of the problem. There is the 8 MP camera that features an LED Flash. The mobile also boosts of a ImageChip processor and the SLCD display is one that is a 4.3 inch one that is a little disappointing at an 480×800 resolution.

The HTC Desire 500 smartphone is a device that will be sold in Taiwan for a price of $400.  This phone cost is high and this has got something to do with HTC’s partnership with the local carrier Taiwan Mobile. This is a way where you can push people towards the subsidized carrier promotion and offer.

This phone has not been announced for other places but there is time for the company to make a statement in this regard. HTC has been successful of late with the HTC One phone and it will take time for us to see how the phone fares in the nation before it has been declared for making an advent in other nations across the globe.

There is no information on the price and the availability of the HTC Desire in the International market. The German carrier O2 has included in the HTC Desire many features and this will give the hope that the phone will be more than just am exclusive one for the Asian carrier. There is also anticipation that the price of the phone should come down as well. Only time will let us know and so till then we have to wait and watch!

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