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HTC Deluxe Seems to Bypass Europe

The HTC Droid DNA is the Verizon variant of the HTC J Butterfly launched in Japan. You must be already aware that the rumored and several times leaked HTC Deluxe or HTC DLX is going to be the international variant of these handsets. But Europeans seem to have rejoiced too early as they might never ever get the Deluxe.

The Droid DNA aka Deluxe sports a myriad of awesome features including a 5-inch screen with 441ppi pixel density, a notification LED flash on the back, unlocked GSM radios, and so on. So it’s clear why smartphone users look forward to this phone. One of those impatient users posted a link to one of the evleaks renders of the device on HTC’s German Facebook page, and was responded by saying that the beast “will unfortunately not come to Europe.”

Had we not seen the spotted photos, I would advise you to forget about the phone. But the phone exists, and it’s already out of doubt. So which territory is it designed for? Turns out that there are two versions; one will be launched in the US via non-Verizon carriers, while the other will be out in Asian countries.


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