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HTC Claims Victory over Apple in a Patent Case

In the ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple, each side tends to claim that victory was on its side after each decision the court passes. So it becomes really difficult to understand the real motives standing behind such announcements, but we do not have access to the very internal matters in each company.

Anyway, in the latest court suit, where Apple sued HTC for infringing several of its patents, things stay unclear so far. Technically it seems Apple should be content from the decision of US International Trade Commission, which put a ban actually on some of HTC smartphones, which were infringing Apple’s sole patent. Apple is not content since the court found HTC did not violate Apple’s other patents, and what is significant here, put a late start date for the ban, that is on the 19th of April.  Apple now says this is not fair since it gives HTC much time to find a way to continue with the mentioned phones, by tweaking them so that they do not infringe. HTC in its turn said it was a victory for them, since Apple did not hang on them patents they do not infringe, besides the one patent, which is related to a minor issue connected with the UI and is easy solvable.

Whatever it is, Apple now has served an appeal to that decision to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


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