HTC ChaCha Renamed for Landing to Spain

HTC Chacha is also known as the QWERTY keyboard HTC device which is known for the fact of being equipped with Facebook button. But unlike its twin in turns of special Facebook detail, this gadget has gone through a list of serious problems.

The first one is that the smartphone name led to the fact to include HTC among the manufacturers having a patent problem. The thing is that there’s a ChaCha Searching Incorporated, which is let’s say not satisfied with the attachment of their name to some Facebook-button device. The company has been cruisin’ as a main search engine for the simple questions for quite a long period of timing.

And now to land to Europe the smarphone is going through serious changing that deal with the actual renaming. HTC ChaCha was expected to land to Spain sometime soon, but the market research turned back with some unpleasant results. Those who are familiar with Spain and its local slangs, know that there’s such a term as ChaCha in one of the slangs with not that noteworthy ideas.

Thus the manufacturer decided to rename the gadget into HTC ChaChaCha. In this case the associations will be directed to the fiestas and parties, which will be just another stimulation for the youth to get the gadget.

While the surprising name will be welcomed by the Spanish customers, we are not sure about the device itself. It might be the case that the device will be renamed into ChaChaCha.. while causing some problems with Spaniards… or maybe not?


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