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HTC Butterfly 2 To Enter The Market With Bigger Display And New Colors

The successor to HTC Butterfly- The HTC Butterfly 2 is all set to enter the market with a larger display and new colors. There are images of this new device that reveal three colors blue, white and black. The images have been leaked online and they display the phone to be a very large display with matching features.


The phone is rumored to have a 5.2 inch display and there is also talk of the device having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. This device is not a very famous name in the USA however it has proven to be successful in other parts of the globe and Asia. HTC recently had also launched an update to the original Butterfly early in the year. The new handset is set to called the Butterfly 2. HTC as of now has not made any further plans on the new mobile handset and there are rumors that the handset would be released in the market soon.

HTC has been in the past gone through a series of strategic losses and misfires. Over the past twelve months HTC has decided to give a lot of support to Microsoft in the form of selling the Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S phones. The company also committed another mistake to partner with Facebook on the HTC First.

The campaign was not effective and the success of the above move bombed. Of late the company also has a medium track record of selling smartphones and going back to its first Android smartphone the G1. Even before G1 HTC also made a name for itself with customization and simplifying the Windows Mobile experience that is a cumbersome one. The early phones launched by the company have been coveted to a large extent. They are unpolished and they lacked the sophisticated features that the smartphones of today have. At one point of time HTC was a company that started from a very humble start. It rose up from being a manufacturer of carrier branded smartphones known as the white label devices to become a widely sought after mobile handset brand in the globe today. The story of its growth is inspiring however the company has to really take care of some serious issues before it gets strong. HTC has recently suffered a loss and now it has to pick itself up. The company has to be wise and plan better strategically for getting success and leading the way again!

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