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HTC has recently to keep a pace with the rat race introduced its two latest phones, the HTC One and the HTC Mini. So it is but beyond a doubt that the company has taken an initiative to introduce new features along with the introduction of the phone that would appeal o the customers. And HTC has surely not let us down. A decision was taken last week to update the phone, HTC One with new software update will ensures to run the device smoother than before.


However one may feel that the upgrade is the inclusion of android 4.3 which was long rumoured to be introduced in the device in the U.S. but this software update that Verizon has introduced is not the same but it does possess a few similar qualities such as the lock ups.

The new software update is proclaimed to be a size of 33.8MB and it also brings in a change to the Verizon’s Isis Mobile Wallet. It has further introduced an internet facility for those who are visually disabled. This introduction has surely been a great thought on their part.

This introduction of the software does not imply that the Android 4.3 is but just a rumour. It is just a lease before the big one which is yet to come and has already been introduced in Canada.

The version that has been introduced in Canada is going to be provided by many providers such as Rogers, Virgin Mobile and TELUS. Though the U.S. customers who are to receive the Android 4.3 as the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean will not be introduced as his been said by Jason Mackenzie, sometime soon, can expect to receive this software in the near future.

This news that the software will be available in the near future itself was confirmed by Jason Mackenzie himself as one of his messages have been found where he has stated that the Android 4.3 will be available to the customers by the end of this month itself. Further we learnt that the Android 4.3 has been pre-installed in the Nexus 7 ( the Nexus 7 as we remember had been unveiled at a media event by Google in the first quarter of the year). Thus we are also aware of the fact that the software was demonstrated on the tablet.

Thus all we can do is to wait and expect that everything will turn out to be good.

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