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HTC Bought Inquisitive Minds

I believe HTC is the most extraordinary manufacturer of smartphones, and it has announced about its recent acquisition. This time it refers to a software producer, Inquisitive Minds the main product of which is Zoodles — a safe mode for desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones that can be used to allow children to surf on the the Internet and search for whatever they need.

HTC promises Inquisitive Minds will be working separately, but you can be sure that soon this software will appear on the Android-based devices of the Taiwanese company.

HTC’s been investing a lot in recent years; the company invested $300 million in Beats Audio and bought the lion’s share of OnLive. Zoodles cost HTC $13 million, which is relatively less. Safe web-surfing model is a little bit similar to what Motorola presented in its XOOM Family Edition.

If you’re not familiar with Zoodles, I have to say the program simply tracks the browser or platform, rather, surfing on them. The large and bright interface allows children to learn the basics of working with browsers, blocking ads and obscene content. Zoodles Kid Mode can be tested by downloading the Android Market as a preview.

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