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HTC Bliss Photos in Wild

The main benchmark for the close release of any device is its leaked photo. And here we have a few “wild” shots of the upcoming lady-phone — the HTC Bliss. The handset that earlier got the codename of PI46110 or ADR6330VW is going to get its release soon. The shots kept the main impression of the handset that we got earlier from the leaked info. It’s elegant, feminine and small.

Despite the weak single-core processor of only 800 MHz, the devices is still going to be equipped with the latest version of the HTC Sense, that is Sense 3.5. The accessories are also going to be no less impressive including Bluetooth audio equipment and a tabletop dock. The accessories are going to match the color of the handset — they’re expected to be greenish.

The green color still sounds strange for me. Most of the time when targeting the female segment of the market the manufacturers release pink or red devices and this is the only time we get a green handset!

The release date of the smartphone is not available, while we expect it to be released together with the HTC Vigor before the Holiday Season. There are even claims that the release will take place on September 29.


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