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HTC Arrive to Get Tethering-Enabling Update?

When surfing on different OS-dedicated forums you will find many interesting topics and if you are not that aware of what’s going on in the “world,” many topics can seem to you a new discovery. But consult professionals and you’ll see there is nothing revolutionary about what you read. Seems at the moment we have encountered with a similar situation concerning one of HTC’s old models, the Arrive.

The HTC Arrive doesn’t boast of awesome specs, but the attention towards it didn’t decrease for a rather long time. In short, Sprint has always paid huge attention to it; that’s why it recently got Mango and a security update. Plus, only after 10 months of its launch (in November) the carrier decided to cut its price to $100.

Now let’s go back to the conversations about forums, as the next news referring to the HTC Arrive comes from there. Moderator/Sprint tech Tom Deaver earlier posted the HTC Arrive doesn’t support tethering, thus it can’t be used as a modem. But a couple of days ago the author edited his post and answered to a question “ICS/Hotspot/Tethering?” saying “We appreciate your feedback.  Stay tuned to the Arrives’ forum for any updates to a software maintenance release.”

Without adding anything more to what I already said I’d like to hear your ideas or assumptions on HTC Arrive’s tethering feature.


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