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HTC Arrive to Get Security Update on May 24

It seems HTC has decided to inundate the market with different kinds of smartphones designed for all kinds of users. Every quarter we see 10-20 new handsets running both Android and Windows Phone 7 and coming with different price tags.

The HTC Arrive is one of those devices that can’t be called high-end smartphones but are a little bit more than just mid-range handsets. Generally, the smartphones like the HTC Arrive are always in a beneficial position because once the high-end smartphones get something new, they also get it very soon. Now there are rumors that soon the HTC Arrive will get a security update.

This picture comes from a reliable source, so I guess it makes some sense… The HTC Arrive is available for a low price (as I remember the lowest price I have seen is $25 via Wirefly), so it’s rather popular and there are many geeks wishing to hack it.

I guess this is the main reason why HTC decided to push out a security update. Honestly, I haven’t heard any amazing stories about a hacked Arrive. Anyway, according to the above mentioned source, the update will be rolled out tomorrow, on May 24, as 1.29.651.02 to provide “better device security.” The HTC Arrive owners can get the update by syncing their device with Zune via PC. Other details are still unknown, but we hope there will be some bugs fixed.

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