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HTC Aria Getting Android Froyo Update

We know that the first phone which was launched from AT&T with Android Froyo pre-loaded was HTC  Inspire 4G. It made a start of having Android Froyo updates for the rest of the available gadgets. We can assume that AT&T waited until they will get a 4G device and then after will work on minor updates in form of the Android 2.2.

So the next smartphone to get the Froyo update according to AT&T Facebook page is going to be just another HTC gadget- HTC Aria.

The official announcement made yesterday  stated the following:

Alright HTC Aria lovers, we said the Android 2.2 update was coming soon–and we meant it! Check back on the page TOMORROW for a link to learn how to download the update. Dante Martin, our Android Senior Project Manager, is back in the video below with more details on what 2.2 entails and what’s coming for Androids on AT&T.

As most of the time the update will take the form of the over-the-air update and will take the carrier a couple of days. The roll out of the updates will start up soon and so you just need to take the advantage of the waiting for a couple of days.

If you’re not among the lucky owners of the smartphone, then you can take the option of getting your new  HTC Aria from Amazon just for a penny, which is simply amazing. Well, how I wish that some of the other smartphones would get as lucky as HTC Aria while getting an update.


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