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HTC Appealed ITC decision

Yesterday we reported that International Trade Commission denied HTC’s lawsuit against Apple; the Taiwanese company accused Apple of infringing its rights in terms of phone’s power management and dialing functionality. Still yesterday neither HTC, nor Apple made an announcement concerning the ITC’s verdict. But today HTC shows it’s not going to give up and will struggle till the end.

Today HTC made a statement saying they’ll file an appeal against the ruling handed out by the United States International Trade Commission. Anyway such a practice is acceptable in trials, but I can’t remember whether any of such appeals has ever succeeded or not.

Other than learning about how this deal resolves, there is one more thing we come to know — which companies support each other. We came across something similar at this trial. I mean Google clearly showed it’s on HTC’s side and supported HTC not only verbally but also by giving HTC patents that would help it in its legal woes against Apple.

I guess you understand that’s not just a battle between HTC and Apple, it’s a battle between iOS and Android as well. So ITC’s verdict is more than just a patent defense decision.


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