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HTC and InterTrust Starting Cooperation

Judging by HTC’s actions directed to investments it has decided to cooperate with third parties more closely. I mean the $300 million investment in Beats Electronics and the $18.5 million intended for Dashwire. Let’s not forget about the cooperation with Dropbox and the like either. As for now HTC has announced it will cooperate with Intertrust.

Intertrust is known for its SyncTV subsidiary, a cloud-based video service bringing videos directly to the handsets. The range of devices supported by the service is too large as they can run Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms. Well, by this cooperation HTC will manage the 20 percent of Intertrust’s shares. It also licensed Intertrust’s Marlin DRM software, which protects and manages video content in Japan, China and Europe.

Intertrust chief executive officer Talal Shamoon is contented with this cooperation and says, “HTC’s growth in the smartphone market is admirable, their innovative devices have come to define a category and have been broadly emulated by others. We are honored that HTC has licensed Intertrust technology and we look forward to working together in areas of mutual interest.”


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