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HTC and Amazon To Come Out With New Smartphone Rumors Emerge

Both Amazon and HTC is working together to develop a new line of smartphones as the Company now plans to compete against the likes of Google and Apple.  There are three devices in the pipeline and people who are familiar with the project have suggested that one of these three devices have reached an advanced stage of development.  The timeline for the release of this device has not been issued as yet. There has however been en incident in the past where Amazon did change its decision with regard to the release of a device.


There are rumors that Amazon will be entering the smartphone market for some time and they have been making rounds for the past two years. This smartphone is likely to be launched this year provided Amazon decides to proceed with the project.  Amazon however has not responded to the above view and we are yet to receive an official confirmation from it.

There is a possibility this phone will not be released this year. There are chances this phone will be released in 2014. HTC too has not made any comments on the above however Ben Ho the chief of Marketing has mentioned that the company is exploring new avenues and opportunities. Ho stated that the Company has in the past been really focused on building its own brand and now it is open to collaborating with other carriers and technology brands to make inroads in the market with new products and technology.

Amazon now is behaving very much like Google and it has asked HTC to design phones. Google in the past has partnered with brands like LG and Asus to develop the Nexus line of phones and tablets. By selling smartphones Amazon has the scope to help foster better consumer loyalty as people are shopping for phones and tablets. Apple and Google are now dominating the Smartphone market and they also have many stores that are selling music and books.

In 2011 the Kindle Fire Tablet was launched and it was updated last month. The update runs a customized version of the popular mobile operating system of Google Android. The Kindle devices has been developed at the headquarters in Seattle and it has a design unit that was secretive. We have to wait and watch to see how the partnership with Amazon and HTC fares and lets us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the new device to be launched!

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