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HTC 7 Pro Coming to Sprint in March?

One of the enthusiasts from ChevronWP7 has just tweeted about the fact that Sprint customers will soon be pleased with the release of the WP7  HTC device. Sprint’s choice has stopped on HTC7 Pro. The smartphone will be available from Sprint in the first two weeks of March. The info is realistic enough if we consider the fact that HTC 7 Pro has just finalized its ROM and most likely there will be problems with the release of the gadget.

Even according to the official source (both of HTC and Sprint) we do have a date of middle March as a release date for this exact gadget. Except of this we do also have the date of the first WP7 gadget update which will bring lots of features to the gadget. This will be the “NoDo” update which will include CDMA  support, copy/paste and performance enhancements.

But they say that the update date will differ from carrier to carrier and thus we do really hope that soon Sprint will release both the gadget and the update as those are just the basic requirements to make the gadget competitive along the rest of the WP7 devices.

The fact that the WP7 devices are planned to support CDMA (with a possible release with Verizon) is reasonable as the dichotomy of the competition of iOS and Android OS, makes it tough to get more attention for the closed OS. Anyways at least it’s worth to give it a try and to continue making the Microsoft branded OS more attractive.


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