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HTC 7 Pro aka HTC Arrive from Sprint Today?

The idea of having the first CDMA  Windows Phone 7 HTC smartphone is just great, that’s why Sprint carrier decided to actually implement this idea launching the gadget known as HTC 7 Pro.

But as always Sprint decided not to avoid making up a few changes for the gadget. The device which is rumored to appear in the stores already today will be rebranded and renamed into HTC  Arrive. The info was leaked from Engadget, which means that the news is almost 100%. And except that Sprint has already prepared a special website page for some gadget called HTC Arrive, so let’s stick up with this information. The webpage is not available yet, but if talks about being ready soon. If you want to have a look at the surprised smiley on the webpage, just put the keys on your computer and you’ll get there.

The idea of the official announcement of such device was made upon Sprint Twitter account. The tweet first announced about the fact of the upcoming device, then everything was made even clearer, announcing about the fact of the Windows Phone 7 gadget.

HTC 7 Pro, which can already be called the European version of the gadget has been available in the region for some time now. The price of the smartphone here is €450, which is around $615. So let’s hope that at least Sprint will be nicer while offering its rebranded device.

Verizon has plans to offer another WP7 HTC smartphone right after Sprint. In it’s case we have a guess that the Verizon branded smartphone will be HTC  Trophy 7.

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