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HTC 606W – An Affordable Option Coming Your Way

HTC is a popular mobile phone company churning out some of the finest phones in the mobile market. However the price tag for most phones is not feasible for many people. This is something that the Company has taken note of and this is why it is now all set to launch a model that is an affordable one. This phone comes as a relief to those people who wish to own an HTC phone that has good features yet is easy on the pocket.


This model by HTC has been named the HTC 606w and it is a phone that sports one pair of front facing stereo features. The keys of this phone are also soft and this is what the company is offering in this latest flagship device.

Now if you look at the HTC 606w you will find that this phone is actually an interesting mix of many things. There is the screen display that is 4.5 inch in size. It has a 960×540 display and a processor that is of quad core 1.2 Hz This phone has memory storage of 1 GB RAM with a 8MP camera. There is a front facing camera that is 1.6 MP along with a WCDMA radio and an expansion that is a microSD one. It is very simple to see these specs and how they have been crafted well to catch the attention of the onlooker.

There is no mention on the resolution of the phone but it is anticipated that it will be the same as the HTC One. This phone is one that has a powerful appeal and it is anticipated that the device will have two front speakers just like the HTC One. This phone will run on the 4.1.2 platform with Sense 5.

In China the phone will be dubbed as M4 after it is approved by the Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre in China has confirmed its presence. The looks of the phone though being similar to the HTC One looks different at the back. There is an UltraPixel camera at the back of the phone. It will also have an Optical Image Stabilization.

This phone has a Snapdragon that is a 400 chipset that has two krait 200 cores. This phone of the company also has an Adreno 305 GPU and this is the same chip that has been used in the HTC First smartphone launched earlier.

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