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HTC won’t let Nokia with Windows Phone climb on the peak of fame alone. This became clear yesterday, when a Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin introduced a new prototype of an HTC handset running Mango and sporting a 12MP camera.

We are not dealing with a couple of snapshots, the aforementioned person also shows a 13-minute-long video with this mysterious device. Unfortunately it is in Russian, but I will introduce the key points of the video.

The new HTC smartphone running WP7.1 Mango has a very close consolidation with Microsoft Office and supports almost all its formats. You can work with MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint the same way as you usually do.

The phone gives you an opportunity to save your documents on “clouds” immediately after you register. Once you do it you will get 25GB storage “in the air” for saving your data. The video clearly shows how easy the “cloud system” works, and we don’t see any difference when the document is loaded from the “clouds” or from internal storage.

The smartphone has a great integration with social networking; the video we see contains the example of Facebook, but be sure the device can cooperate with Twitter or other popular sites in the same way.

Anyway, opening a contact, you can not only see some information about it or send a message, you also see the contact’s Facebook activity — the uploaded pictures, comments on different feeds, updated statuses and much more. Moreover, you can create groups including contacts by your choice, and send them a message or an e-mail. Generally, the Mango offers very useful features when things come to messaging and e-mail. For example, you can gather all your e-mail accounts in one place and manage them from there.

The next advantage of Mango — it supports Internet Explorer 9, and though it is not released officially yet, I think there won’t be any problem after its launch. In the video we see the smartphone shows fast performance, zooming is done faster and more comfortable than ever, the address bar is on the bottom, which is quite comfortable, and switching between portrait and landscape modes is elaborated very well.

With the help of the Mango you can search for a book on the net, and this feature has really impressed me, since the Mango shows some “artificial intelligence,” which means it will have a bright future regardless of Android’s success.

Well, I guess that’s all. And though nothing was said about the smartphone’s 12MP camera, we think it will be a good feature for this handset that will make it more competitive among other camera-dedicated handsets like the Nokia N8. The exterior of the phone is very similar to the HTC Trophy but unlike its 5MP we will probably see a 12MP one.


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