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HSPL for Windows Phone 7 Devices Including HTC Trophy and Arrive

All those first generation Windows Phone users who have lost their hope to ever see novelties on their handsets, now can breathe easy. The Dark Forces Team has released a Hard SPL for all HTC’s Windows Phone 7-packed smartphones including the CDMA HTC Trophy and the HTC Arrive.

The SPL launch means you can install it on your device and though you’ll lose your smartphone’s warranty, you’ll run a custom ROM on it. They won’t be simple builds, but unlocked ROMs that can be used for both devices, which include some pretty incredible recent hacks.

No idea you are happy with this news or not, but I know people who can’t afford buying a new handset, and they are waiting for similar chances. Now such users will draw their eyes towards developers and enthusiasts asking custom ROMs for their first generation WP smartphones. To learn about the “rules” and to get instructions, follow the source link.


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