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How Long Will HTC One Be The Flagship Mobile Of The Company?

HTC launched its flagship mobile- The HTC One in London. It was originally called the M7 but later rechristened HTC One. This smartphone made its first public appearance in Taiwan as the camera of choice for Peter Chou the CEO during the Chinese New Year Banquet that took place at the Taipei Arena some weeks ago.


HTC is now making an attempt to come back in the smartphone market. HTC was a leader in the Android market till Samsung came along and took over the leadership position from HTC with its Galaxy line of mobile phones in the market. If you take a look at the low-end mobile phone market you will find that the Company is currently facing a lot of competition from hungry players in the market like ZTE and Huawei. Both these mobile manufacturers are companies from China that are capable of manufacturing devices sporting high speed.

HTC has faced little success with its flagship devices too. This trend began in the middle of 2011 with its Sensation series. The Company as launched the HTC One and it seems that this device will not be able to carry forward the flagship status of the mobile for over two quarters. If you compare the life cycle of similar flagship devices from Apple and Samsung like Galaxy S3 and iphone 5, users would love to opt for the latest of their chosen brand before they decide to upgrade.

The HTC Butterfly has been a hit in Taiwan ever since its launch in late 2012. The HTC One is a device that will build on the momentum and also become a global hot for HTC to rebound from its dismal performance in 2012. It promises to deliver better in 2013 and we have to wait and watch to check on whether the Company lives up to its promise. Consumers still have expectations from this Company.

HTC will keep its brand position in the market that are doing well. These markets are in North America and Europe. The Company also has plans to penetrate into emerging markets that are unexpected. The Company will need to back up on its plans if it is willing to regain its lost status as a leader in the mobile market. The HTC One is here but time will only tell on how long it can be the flagship mobile of the Company and work to its advantage.

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