How cell phones have become an undeniable part of life

From the alarm that wakes us up in the morning to the schedule that we save at night, cell phone are a part of daily life. Gone are the days when cell phones were in the category of luxury, now it falls in the necessity category owing to the large chunks of work it handles making human life easy. Earlier cell phones were costlier and it was a difficult to own it. But since long period, the cost has come down drastically as there are many mobile companies and each wish to occupy the market like no other. With selling price decreasing and features increasing, people even opt for more than one mobile phone for themselves.

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Many brands have created a place for themselves in the market by offering what the public needs, but none have been able to beat Nokia. This brand still rules in South Africa with regard to cell phones, though other brands also have loyal customers here. Statistics shows that total number of mobile subscriptions in the country exceeds the total number of citizens in the country. This is more than enough to prove how much technology has penetrated people’s lives and how much people are now dependent on their mobile phones.

Apple, BlackBerry, Cell C, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Red Bull Mobile, Samsung, Sony Ericsson are the brands that are fast-moving in South Africa. Each brand has many products to offer and features of many would over-lap with each other as well, the only difference being how the product is priced and how satisfactory the features of the product are to the users. Brand image plays an important role, but still it personal preference and product that actually brings the people to get it.

Having affordability and compatibility in mind, brands brought forth “Tablets” that work as a mini-laptop. Wi-Fi, messaging, camera, good browsing, and games is all possible in an affordable cost these days. Tablets cost lesser than laptops but offers the similar comforts in a small screen. Samsung Galaxy Tab is a name known to all with all the exiting features it offers at an affordable price. It is perfect for business people too as most of their work can be done in this and on the go. It is easy to multi-task and when it has a really good battery life it becomes still more interesting to work in it.

The screen size is right to make Skype video calls and this completes the work that any businessman would have. The amazing browsing speed cannot be forgotten and this is why it is well-known for. Though South Africa is still a developing country, the number of tablet buyers has gone up steadily. Samsung has announced to launch World’s first 8-inch tablet in South Africa. This shows how much the country has come forward from the previous times it was. It does not mean that the age-old culture is lost; it’s just that the people are learning to adapt to new technology and embrace the change.

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