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Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone

If we compare the first Google phone with the Motorola Droid, wee will see that the Google phone is ahead with a number of parameters. But how good is the new Google Nexus One in comparison with iPhone 3GS?

Nexus One is made in a slim body (11.5 vs. 12.3 mm) and weighs a little less (130 vs. 135 grams). The rear panel of the housing seems to be covered with a protective Teflon layer, but it is not as smooth as the iPhone. However, the general impression from the design is positive.


Due to the AMOLED screen, the saturation of colors and depth of black surpass any display settings of the iPhone. The screen size and the resolution of the Nexus One are better: 3.7 against 3.5 inches and 480×854 against 320×480 pixels.

The Nexus One has a 1-GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 processor, while the iPhone 3GS comes with 833-MHz Samsung S5PC100 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, the clock frequency is lowered to 600 MHz.


At the speed of loading web pages the Nexus One is faster than  both the iPhone 3GS and the Droid. During the tests of processing JavaScript-scripts Droid loses 60 percent to the other two, and with the mobile browser Safari the iPhone 3GS shows better results than the Nexus, although in practice the Google phone opens pages faster than the rest.

The background clearance of the home screen of the Nexus One is not just animated, it still has the ability to interact with the user: For example, when you touch the “water” theme with your finger it reacts with ripples. It feels like the background is able to interact with applications, which is rather impressive.

The built-in 5 megapixel camera with LED flash does not differ with any outstanding specs but also doesn’t lose if compared with the others. Auto-focus is activated by trackball. There is no opportunity to focus by the touch of a finger, as it is implemented on the iPhone 3GS.

There is lack of multitouch control in the browser and Google Maps — most likely, because of some legal considerations, since many Android-phones support multitouch capabilities at the hardware level, rather than technical capabilities.

The sound of music of built-in speakers of the Google Nexus One is good but not as impressive as it was expected to be.

via engadget

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