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Gold Version of HTC One Enters Finland

On Monday a gold version of the HTC One hit Finland. Mobile enthusiasts here are able to buy the unlocked version of the phone at $845. Now with this recent move by HTC it is still unsure if the popularity of the smartphone will increase!



HTC it seems plans to hit gold with the HTC One. This smartphone has been released in Finland and the retailer Gigantti is selling the phone with a 4.7 inch display and a quad core processor that is a 1.7GHz one. This smartphone is no different in design and is more or less the same like the old phone. However it sports the gold finish that was much anticipated in the market before its launch. The HTC One is available in the market in silver, blue, red and silver versions.

The rumors of this gold colored smartphone can be traced back to the month of September this year. The Company was not vocal about its plans and it was not even available for comment to confirm the existence of the phone. Now after this we are not sure on whether Gigantti listing the phone is a mistake or whether there are more HTC One Gold handsets on the roll.

More Releases For 2014

Besides the HTC One Gold hitting the market, the manufacturer is now ready with the latest Google Play Edition on the HTC One. This phone will be receiving the Android 4.4 Kitkat update very soon. The present owners of the phone are able to get the over the air updates and begin running the latest version of this Android update of Google on Monday. The update is scheduled to hit HTC One owners in the UK in 2014.

There are some rumors of the successor of the HTC One will be  hitting the mobile market soon. This may take place after the release of the Android 4.4 KitKat update. The name of the smartphone is M8 (though it has not yet been confirmed by any credible source). This device will sport a five inch 1080p display and use the Snapdragon 800 processor of Qualcomm. It is rumored that this device will be one of the biggest releases for 2014. The phone will have the 3GB RAM and there will be a metallic casing that is more or less the same like the one existing in the HTC One present in the market.

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