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Get Started is the Returned for HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ is real and will be launched in coming weeks. This handset sports many useful features but there is one upon which we didn’t reflect yesterday. Like in the good old days users can set up the One X+ via a Web interface. It works like the service launched alongside with the HTC Desire HD and Z back in September of 2010. was created to make it possible to customize any HTC-branded Android smartphone via desktop computer. There were many services such as online store for wallpapers and themes, “find my device” feature if you misplaced the phone or it got stolen, cloud backup and sync for contacts and call history and so on.

Surprisingly, HTC shut it down in March of this year promising to improve it but the company didn’t mention any dates. As for now, the service is back with the name Get Started.

Going to users will appear in a place from where they can set up their HTC One X+. They will be able to choose accounts to link to it (Google, Dropbox, Hotmail, Yahoo, Exchange, or other emails are supported for now) or choose between eight “quick styles” that include packages comprised of wallpapers, apps, ringtones and bookmarks. Any of them can be easily installed with a single click. was much beloved by users, and I think Get Started will be as well welcomed.

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