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For What The LED is There?

Smartphone users are getting more and more informed and educated about the details of their beloved devices, and it is not surprising considering the appearance of much stronger and more expensive handsets. And if you pay more, you eventually find yourself in a situation, when you seek to know what every single minute particle of your beloved device is for.

Take for example the LED lights. Seems this is a trivial addition in any smartphone to indicate some change in the phone or network; it is one of those things, which would never get any specific attention. But go today to forums and you’ll see how much discussion is going on concerning this “trivial” light. Particularly active are HTC Windows Phone users, who need to know what this light is for, why it is there at all, how they can change its size and color, how they can shut it down for forever, or how they can change its functional role. Some are looking for the LED where it is not there, some are complaining their LED is too small to get noticed. In short: all kinds of things.

So you can find whatever information you like on the LED alone and I will not be surprised to learn somebody these days is writing a dissertation about the LED on the smartphones. Now it’s your turn to write about the tiny little red (or whatever) light.

P.S. I guess we’ll come up with a similar article in the near future.


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