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Discover HTC Mini + and Fetch This Year

The HTC London event introduced us to two new smartphone accessories called HTC Mini + and Fetch.  The latter is an NFC and has a Bluetooth tag that helps the user keep track of the device. In order to find out where the phone is you just have to press a button on the Fetch to create a paired phone ring. This range outside will be about 15 meters in maximum however when you are inside the home the range will get reduced. This device will not work perfectly well like it does when kept outside the home.


Besides the above Fetch also helps you locate the phone if you have left it behind as it makes it beep. The accessory works on a battery that is a high powered one and HTC claims that the device will work for six months on a single charge. There is no date for its official release and the price of the phone has not been mentioned as of now. There are reports that Clove the British retailer has listed it for pre-order at £24.99 excluding the sales tax. HTC gives us a hint that the device will be released in the market before the year is over.

The next accessory in question is the HTC Mini+ and it is like a Bluetooth headset that is shaped like a phone device. This accessory is a sequel to the HTC Mini and with it you are able to tale and place calls via NFC and Bluetooth. This device is also one that has a laser point that has been built in and it can effectively be configured to control the TV via a special App like the HTC One. If you are an individual keen to know and invest on the ecosystem of HTC you get the benefits of the small phone. It acts as a remote control for the Media Link HD streamer. This accessory is scheduled to see the light of the day during the last end of this year. The cost of the accessory has not been officially announced as of now.

Thus, HTC users should be in for a surprise and treat this year as both these accessories are promising ones. They have the goal of making life simple and easy for the user and time will say on whether both of them will be successful in the market or not.

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