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CyanogenMod v 6.1 Released

” Our crew of 10000 monkeys at 10000 typewriters have finally managed to crank out a new stable release,” – states the official site of CyanogenMod. Of course, the entry is not too positive, but in fact the firmware deserves attention.

The release version of Cyanogenmod 6.1 is based on the latest operating system – Android 2.2.1, as for the manager desktop ADW Launcher has been used. In addition, the firmware contains a set of “branded” tweaks and improvements that make working with the smartphone easier and faster.

CyanogenMod is now available for many Android-devices, including HTC Desire, as well as HTC Legend, HTC Hero and some other devices. In addition, based on it, there are many Custom assemblies, which cover almost all of the googlephones.

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