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China Mega Week

This week HTC was busy in China. We can call it a Big Trouble in Little China or something like that. For three days HTC’s been interacting with thousands of HTC fans, media and partners. The event was held at China’s National Convention Center and called China Mega Week.

HTC is very popular in China, so it could easily gather a huge number of enthusiasts around its table, but the Taiwanese company decided to launch five devices with some of the most popular brands in China to impress the population.

Among the devices we can find the HTC Explorer, the HTC EVO 3D, the HTC Sensation XE, the HTC Rhyme, and the HTC 双擎 S (A310E). We are familiar with these phones — they are the most popular handsets in the company’s portfolio, except for the last one. We don’t actually know what handset the last one is.

Anyway, you can get acquainted with the event and see what happened there following the source link. And if you are fluent in Chinese it’ll be nice to hear your feedback, thus you’ll help us see what we’ve missed.


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