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Celebrities Advertise MyTouch 3G

T-Mobile has high hopes for the MyTouch 3G (the HTC Magic). We have already seen a huge number of accessories for the communicator and a spectacular show dedicated to the start of sales. But the operator did not stop there. In YouTube we saw an advertising clip in which celebrities talk about the MyTouch.whoopi


One of the brightest stars in Hollywood, actress, producer, screenwriter, VJ Whoopi Goldberg said: “The name of the communicator is true. You can actually control My Touch with one touch.”


Jesse James, American VJ and CEO of West Coast Choppers said: “I just can not imagine myself without tattoos, as well as my phone without improvements in design.”


The third celebrity talking about the phone is Phil Jackson, the famous American basketball player, NBA champion and NBA basketball coach. According to Phil, “MyTouch is just a great communicator.” The main purpose of the MyTouch 3G is communication with family, friends and colleagues — his 5 children, grandchildren, players, assistants. And besides, Phil likes to spend his time playing games or taking pictures.

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